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With our Newport wifi system you can:

Personalise the temperature of each room depending on its use, its dimensions and your schedule from any tablet or smartphone.

Set the amount of energy to be used per day, establishing priorities. Avoid surprises in your energy bill!

Predict. The system records your usage habits, and adapts its scheduled operation as optimally as possible and fully automatically.

Sistema wifi

Independent control for each room

Why heat the whole house to the same temperature?

Our heating needs are very different for each room. Why heat the bedroom to 21 ° all day if we only really use it at night?

Silicon compact

Sello certificado Bureau Veritas

9 on Mohs scale

Our Newport radiators include a compacted material primarily formed of silicon dioxide (good heat accumulator) and aluminium oxide (good conductor). This combination creates an ideal material for use in heating systems due to its accumulation and conduction capacity.

El silicio acumula y el aluminio transmite

Technical information


Newport radiators have very sensitive state-of-the-art thermostats that measure the temperature precisely.

The thermostat’s control panel is located on the upper part of the radiator for ease of use. However, the keypad is foldable so that when you don’t need to use it, you can hide it from view. This ensures that the equipment fully respects your room’s décor.

Termostato de última generación con control wifi y botonera abatible

Energy consumption

Thanks to all of the above features, the saving is considerable.

The prestigious British BRE (Building Research Establishment) recently performed a test comparing our system with some of the most popular systems, such as night storage heaters, gas and traditional electric radiators. The results talk for themselves: The Newport radiator consumed 1.16 kW per hour. A 67% lower consumption than other systems.

Download the full study

Gráfica ahorro kw consumidos